On-Site Services

Picking up the pieces when life takes an unexpected turn is just part of what
we do at Elizabeth’s Home Health Care Agency LLC. We understand that the
stress and disruption of caring for a loved one can be overwhelming. Our
unique on-site health care professionals have the experience and training to
aid you through the confusion of the health care process.

Knowing what it’s like to be in your position is why we can offer our specially
trained staff 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. Whether a facility discharge,
rehab situation or in-home debilitating injury, our staff can transition your
loved one back to the comfort and security of their own lives.

All of our employees know that companionship and health care is not a nine
to five job. Our employees are committed and accountable to provide the
same level of service day or night. You can take comfort in knowing that
the caregiver assigned to your loved one has passed all the tests! We
accomplished this through comprehensive background checks, and an
intensive screening process.

While the patient is in our caregivers hands, they will create a happy,
secure and nurturing environment. Our staff is required to keep a daily health
journal of vital information like medication reminders, dietary intake, personal
hygiene or nursing instructions for our supervisors to monitor. Part of our
weekly quality control routine is to send field supervisors to your home to
make unannounced visits. This mandatory procedure ensures your loved
one is receiving the professional care, compassion and personal touches that
we pride ourselves in delivering.

Our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We are proud to provide
services to our nations veterans.

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